“Cordell is the kind of artist who has the potential to be a firm favourite with Aussie audiences, we can’t wait to see what happens.” Caz Tran, JJ

“The most moving and enthralling folk tunes we’ve heard all year.” TONEDEAF

“These walls from Anna Cordell is spellbinding...
Trust me when I tell you that Melbourne songstress Anna Cordell will melt your heart. Maker of endearingly honest melancholic folk-pop, her debut EP These Walls is an endless well of introspection that you will fall deeper and deeper into listen after listen.
Melancholy never sounded so good, A debut EP forged in the fires of dreamy acoustic melodies and serene vocals.”
Hhhhappy blog

“Anna Cordell’s rich folk music straddles that place between light and dark where true human emotion exists,” BEAT magazine

“Delicate and haunting, this song comes from a patient and knowing heart and will stir a yearning in yours.” Caz Tran, TRIPLE J

“Amid the masses of talented songwriters and folk singers in Melbourne, Anna Cordell is emerging as something exceptional. Her songwriting is mature, dynamic, melodic and honest. Her wistful but commanding voice, accompanied by fluid nylon string guitar deserves to be widely heard and celebrated.” Ruth Hazelton