Nobody Knows Us




... spellbinding...
— happy
the most moving and enthralling folk tunes we’ve heard all year
— Tonedeaf
delicate and haunting
— Caz Tran, Triple J
Cordell is the kind of artist who has the potential to be a firm favourite with Aussie audiences, we can’t wait to see what happens
— Double J
there is something in her voice that makes me happy and sad at the same time
— Frank Gutch Jr, No Depression

Anna Cordell has always been a ‘maker’. From her youngest years spent singing and writing folk songs on her nylon string guitar, to the first stitches of her design work, and all the way into motherhood, Cordell has a natural flair for creation.

After taking an almost decade long hiatus from music making - a period in which she became a mother to five children and began working on her now thriving clothing label - Anna is now making her return to music, set to release her first full-length record ‘Nobody Knows Us’ on February 14th, 2020.

Recorded in Lyttleton, New Zealand by Ben Edwards (Aldous Harding, Marlon Williams, Julia Jacklin) ‘Nobody Knows Us’ is an album that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Taking inspiration from folk writers of the 60s and 70s, from Joni Mitchell to Nick Drake and Sibylle Baier, as well as more contemporary counterparts like Midlake and Weyes Blood, Anna has created a collection of songs that stay true to her belief in the value and power of art.

‘Nobody Knows Us’ explores the space within us that is separate to the wider world. The internal resources that no external factor can control, and the freedom that comes with that preservation. Following a writing process that saw Anna through the grief of lamenting a loved one, as well as the joy and energy of new life, this record grapples with ideas of meaning and purpose, asking questions that only the rawness of life and death can evoke.

Following her Australian support shows with Seeker Lover Keeper and Ryan Downey, for which she performs as a solo artist, Cordell's album launch shows will see her performances expand to a variety of different configurations – duo, trio, full band and very occasionally, a string section.

Anna Cordell will release ‘Nobody Knows Us’ on February 14th, 2020.




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these walls


Produced by Dave Manton (Gossling, LULUC)



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